English schools that do not follow the rules will be locked

* Aam Aadmi Party  active after the negligence of English schools and the education department

* Demand for inspection of English schools 

* Teachers without personal recognition should not be allowed to teach

Untrained teachers are creating a negative effect on the psychology of children.

English school is also responsible for both the unfortunate incidents of the district

Jalna: Two unfortunate incidents have taken place in the Jalna district in the last two weeks. Unfortunately, in both cases, the stifling environment of the city’s English schools is also responsible. Untrained teachers are being entrusted with the task of building the future of the country. The mentality of the children is not being understood at all because of the failure of the organization’s administrators and teachers to understand the psychology of the children. Due to this such incidents have started happening. Taking this matter seriously, the Aam Aadmi Party has now warned to start a movement in the district and city and to lock the schools in teachers are teaching without government  recognition.

* Last week, a 14-year-old minor in the city slit the throat of a 6-year-old innocent from his own distance. In the second incident, a girl student studying in class S.S.C committed suicide. Whatever may be the reason in these cases, no one tried to understand the deteriorating mentality of the children. Instead of convincing them in the right way, the pressure system was used wrongly, the result of which was unfortunate.

* The Aam Aadmi Party in a letter sent to the Deputy Director of Departmental Education today clearly said that when the government gives recognition to English schools, they have to follow all the rules of the government. But the school administrators appoint untrained teachers without B. Ed degrees because they are ready to work for extremely low salary. While it should be that it is mandatory to take the personal recognition of the teachers who are appointed by the institute director from the education department. But neither the education department nor the institutions are taking this matter seriously, due to which the level of education is falling, now without understanding the psychology of the children, due to increasing practice of dictating them, the children have started taking wrong steps.

* Aam Aadmi Party has demanded from the Education Department that there are many English medium schools where parents send their children with full expectations. That’s why the education department should check all the schools to see whether the teachers there are timely recognized or not, if not, then take action against such schools. Otherwise, the Aam Aadmi Party will lock these schools. Apart from this, many other demands were kept at this time.

The memorandum is signed by District Spokesperson Firoz Bagwan and Tanuj Baheti, Shakeel Bagwan, Sheikh Naseemuddin, Yogesh Allapally, City Secretary Sameer Sheikh, and others.

* English schools are being run only for income – Firoz Bagwan

AAP’s district spokesperson Firoz Bagwan said that education is not a business but has been commercialized in the city by flouting the law. In this, the education department is equally responsible along with the directors of the institution. If the education department keeps checking  these schools from time to time and remains vigilant about the recognition of teachers, ground, toilets, and other facilities in the school, only then the level of education will be high. One thing to ponder is why the children studying in English schools by spending lakhs of rupees are not succeeding in examinations like IAS or IPS. The appointment of untrained and unaccredited teachers on low salaries is responsible for this. Aam Aadmi Party will now work towards improving the education level in Jalna like Delhi. If necessary, schools will also be locked. According to him, there are 150 English schools in the district, out of which 50 are not even recognized.