The court ordered the status quo in the Yoga Bhavan and library case

* No one was present from Jalna Municipality

Jalna: The construction work of the Yoga Bhavan and library being constructed at survey number 228 of Jalna city was started again despite the case being pending in the court. Regarding this, Maharashtra Waqf Tribunal Judge MT Azim issued the status quo.

According to the information received, near Shyamaprasad Mukherjee Garden located in survey number 228, the construction of the Yoga Bhavan and the status co was started by spending an amount of about 5 crores under the scheme of government. Terming this construction on the prized land of Abbasiya Masjid as illegal, Khadim Mohammad Javed Mohammad Yusuf of Dargah Janullah shah Baba appealed in the Waqf Tribunal under case number 245/2018. The tribunal ordered status quo on 15 January 2019. Which was ordered to continue even after the hearing on 15 December 2020.

* Instructions issued by the court after the resumption of construction

Meanwhile, the long-closed work was started secretly last month. Regarding which a letter was also given to the Waqf Board, Public Works Department, and Jalna Municipality demanding to stop the work. When this did not have any effect, Mohammad Javed, through Aurangabad High Court’s Advocate Sheikh Naseer, demanded the Waqf Tribunal to continue the status quo in this matter. At this time adv Naseer urged the court to continue the status quo by citing CRA No. 154/2012 High Court Aurangabad Bench of Abdul Rashid Vs Jama Masjid (Gunj) and Dargah Hazrat Mastan Shah (Purna).

On this, the court examined all the documents. There was also a letter given to the municipality to stop the work. In this matter, the municipality was also summoned to present its point, but when no one appeared on behalf of the municipality, the tribunal while issuing its order, issued the order of status quo for the construction work of Yoga Bhavan.

* In this context, Mohammad Javed said that not only Yoga Bhawan but many other constructions are also being done illegally in related survey number 228. It is the responsibility of the Waqf Board and the Municipality not to allow work to be done without permission. But in Jalna, both these departments are turning away from their responsibility. Government departments have started doing the work of raising hands only by taking documentary action on complaints. 5 crore rupees would be spent on Yoga Bhawan from the government treasury. So far work worth 3 crores has been done. The Waqf Board has given orders to Jalna Municipality to evict Yoga Bhawan. Now the question arises of who will be responsible for the wastage of the government's money, it should also be decided and cases should also be registered against those who harmed the Waqf property.
Photo: Mohammad Javed