The aim of Safa-Baitul Mall is not to let the poor in misery

* Employed 50 people by spending 11 lakhs

*Along with Muslims, help was provided to non-Muslims as well.

*Safa-Baitul Mall initiative

* Not only gave hand cart but also made goods available for business

Jalna: Many organizations work for the poor and needy, but Safa-Baitul Mall, working in Jalna city, has created a distinct identity among the public by running new ventures from time to time. Under one such initiative, on Thursday, Safa-Baitul Mall provided employment to 50 poor needy people in the city whose jobs had either gone during the Corona period. Or those who were selling goods on the road without a cart. The beneficiaries include both Muslims and non-Muslims. Regarding this initiative, the office bearers just said that the aim of Safa-Baitul Mall is not to let the poor remain poor.

* This initiative, which started at 8.00 am on Thursday morning at City Lawns in Old Jalna, continued till 2.00 pm. Not only were hand carts given to the needy, but according to their occupation, some were given complete sets of cutlery, and some were given fruits and vegetables. So that these people can start businesses from today itself and increase their business.

Mufti Abdul Rehman flagged off the first vehicle for business

The goods were first loaded on a handcart and sent to the market for business by Qazi-e-Sharia District Jalna Mufti Abdul Rahman.

* Employed 50 families by spending 11 lakh rupees

District President of Safa-Baitul Mall Maulana Rais Ahmed Milli said that earlier also such initiatives were run on a small scale. Seeing the success, the Hyderabad-based Rehbar Foundation contacted All India Sadar Maulana Ghiyas Rashadi at the main office of Safa-Baitul Mall, after which this grand event was possible in Jalna.. 11 lakh rupees have been spent on this entire event. About 22 thousand was spent on each beneficiary.  with this small expenditure, the hope of the whole family has increased and now they will not have to see the days of poverty and failure.

* These people were present

In this unique initiative of Safa-Baitul Mall, District President of Jamiat Ulema Hind Maulana Hasan Milli, Vice President Maulana Habib Kashfi, Mufti Abdul Rehman Sub Divisional Police Officer Neeraj Rajguru, Kadim Jalna Police Inspector Syed Mazhar, NCP leader Iqbal Pasha, former chairman Akbar Khan, Haji Imran, Haji Abdul Hameed, Irfan Capt., former corporate Sheikh Shakeel, Karamat Mamu, Liaquat Ali Khan, Abdul Razzaq Kachhi, Sheikh Ibrahim, Haji Sher Khan, Sheikh Asad, Syed Shakir, Sheikh Wasim, Hafiz Anees as well as social organizations of the city and People associated with political parties also registered their presence.

* Mufti Faheem, Mufti Farooq, Mufti Sohail, Mufti Yusuf, Hafiz Zuber, Maulana Arshad, Maulana Salim, Maulana Mukhtar, Maulana Akbar, Hafiz Wasim, Hafiz Ejaz, Hafiz Ikram, etc. worked hard to make this initiative successful.

* Beneficiaries were selected on the basis of a survey

The most important thing in all this is that the beneficiaries who have been selected were chosen with complete impartiality. A month ago, 150 people were selected after surveying the city. This list was sent to the main office of Safa-Baitul Mall,  Hyderabad. The team from there reached Jalna and checked after spot verification. After this 50 were selected. Mufti Faheem said that for the purpose of benefiting others, a survey will be conducted once again after three months and such events will be conducted regularly.

Photo: Safa-Baitul Mall with the aim of providing employment to 50 needy poor people.