A new conspiracy is hatched by opponents regarding municipal corporations

Ministry instructs the district magistrate to submit a proposal

* State Deputy Secretary Vidya Hapayya gave instructions to send the proposal

The opponents have once again abandoned the idea of making Jalna a municipal corporation in order to checkmate  MLA Gorantyal by including the adjacent villages. As a result of the Ministry ordering its proposal to be sent to the Jalna District Magistrate, this issue has once again been in the news and is being discussed in the city.

Congress MLA Kailash Gorantyal is the people’s leader in Jalna city and has dominance over every section of the city. Former President Sangeeta Gorantyal won with more than 70,000 votes in the last municipal elections because the opponents could not field a candidate for Municipal President.

State Deputy Secretary Vidya Hapayya gave instructions to Jalna District Magistrate to submit the proposal to convert Jalna Municipality into Municipal Corporation without delay. In this context, the District Magistrate has issued a letter to the municipality asking them to take action regarding the proposal.

* Ball in the court of the municipality

The interesting thing is that even though the opponents are conspiring to make Jalna a Municipal Corporation by contacting the Chief Minister of the state. But the truth is that for this a resolution will have to be passed by calling a special meeting of the municipality. MLA Kailash Gorantyal dominates the municipality. If MLA Gorantyal is to be believed then there is no possibility that the city will be developed if the Municipal Corporation is formed. On the contrary, the burden of various taxes on the people of the city will increase, the number of grants received by the municipality for development from the state and the center will be reduced and the municipality will have to increase its sources of income, the ill effect of which can be clearly seen on the development of the city.  

Approximately 40 crores of funds will be wasted every year, and only 50 percent will be made available.

According to the experts, it is not true that development will take place just by getting the status of a Metropolitan Municipality. To increase the sources of production, more than double taxes will have to be taken from the public. Apart from this, for the purpose of various development works in the municipality, the fund of about 40 crores which is received every year by the government will also not be available. today only 25 percent amount has to be paid to take advantage of the schemes of the government, while 50 percent is if there is a municipal corporation. The amount will have to be arranged by the municipality itself. MLA Kailash Gorantyal is opposing it regarding this issue. He says that in order to increase the source of income, the Municipal Corporation will increase the house rent, education tax, and water supply, whose burden will have to be borne by the people of the city.

* The game is being played only because the president is elected from among the public.

On contacting MLA Kailash Gorantyal, he said that even today there is opposition to the Municipal Corporation and said that the election of the president from among the public is a headache for the opponents. They have conducted a private survey, which clearly shows that Jalna city is completely pro-Congress. Everyone has seen the development of the city during the tenure of former president Sangeeta Gorantyal. Even though the mayor is elected by the public in the municipality, in the municipal corporations, the mayor is elected by the corporators, that’s why the opponents want Jalna to become a municipal corporation.  But they do not have any concrete answer regarding the question of what major development will happen in Jalna after it becomes a corporation.

* Union Minister Danve and former minister Arjun Khotkar are again active to make Municipal Corporation

An effort was made a year ago by former minister Arjun Khotkar to convert the municipality into a municipal corporation. Now after joining the group of Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, Arjun Khotkar has become active once again and now its efforts have started at the ministerial level.

* On the other hand, Union Minister Raosaheb Danve and former minister Khotkar, who were staunch enemies of each other till a year ago, have now become very close after Eknath Shinde became the Chief Minister. Raosaheb Danve is also seen giving free support to this effort of Arjun Khotkar.

* 19 villages may be included in Jalna city

According to the first condition for Jalna Municipality to become a Municipal Corporation, the population of the city should exceed five lakhs. Today it is not possible to tell exactly how much the population of the city is because the census could not be done due to Corona. If the population falls short, then the villages adjacent to the city will be included in the city. In which Indewadi, Sirswadi, Daregaon, Davalwadi, Khadgaon, Nidhona, Ambedkarwadi, Tandoorwadi, Gundewadi, Jamwadi, Panshendra, Devmurti, Kharpudi, Rohanwadi, Bethlem, Antarwala, Kumbephal, Ramamurti, and Shrikrishna Nagar are included.