Public Complaints are not being resolved by  Aaple Sarkar initiative

* The concerned do not understand the nature of the complaint

Jalna: Maharashtra government has developed an app called Aaple Sarkar with the aim of solving small and big problems of the public, but despite making 30 complaints in the last two years, not even a single complaint has been resolved. Messages were also received about closing many complaints without prior information. It is clear that such initiatives are being run only to keep the public in confusion.

Ajit Dada Kothari, president of the All India Rights to Information  Activists Federation, said that in the last two years, he had made 30 complaints, out of which not a single complaint was resolved. In fact, it is the responsibility of the district administration to redress the complaints received from Jalna. But for the complaints made through the app, the work of sending messages is being done. There is also a fact in this matter that so far 30,000 complaints have not been resolved out of the complaints received through the app. Now  Regarding this Aaple Sarkar initiative of the government, the information will be sought under the Right to Information act and the process of registering cases will be started against the concerned people for fooling the public and spending the government’s money unnecessarily.

*Even minor complaints were not resolved

Among the complaints made by Ajitdada Kothari were the illegal construction work being done on the Kundalika river bank of Jalna city, cow dung has been put on the land available for a market hut on the roads in Mangal Bazar, toilet facility for truck drivers in MIDC In Jalna city, even minor complaints like locking of the Municipality washroom- toilets in various areas by private persons are not resolved even till date.

Photo: Efforts are being made to weed out the complaints received by sending such messages on the Aaple Sarkar portal.

 * Only a message is given about not understanding the complaint

Ajitdada Kothari said that the message sent in response to a complaint was funny. He said a complaint was made regarding the illegal construction at the river bank. The addresses of the concerned areas were also given in writing. Still, the message was sent that the complaint was not understood. Kothari urged that even if the complaint was not understood, it was the job of the administration to contact the complainant and reach the spot to stop the construction going on in the river.

* Now justice will be provided to the public by filing a PIL - Kothari
Ajitdada Kothari said that government employees are not working at all for which the responsibility has been given, the work of passing the time and procrastination is being done. With the use of technology, hands are being raised by sending messages just sitting in the office. What is the need to pay salaries to the employees? Why is the government spending salaries on these people? In this case, a public interest litigation will be filed in the High Court to provide justice to the public.
Photo: Ajitdada Kothari

Photo: Ajitdada Kothari