Mass Marriage Ceremony Social and National Initiative – Akshay Gorantyal

* Nikah of 17 people was read in Rahat Social Group mass marriage
*  wrestlers were honored

Jalna: In this era of inflation, events like marriage ceremonies have become expensive, in such a situation, the mass marriage ceremony being run by Rahat Social Group in Jalna for the last 22 years is still the need of the society and now it has become a national initiative rather than a social one. .

This rendering was done by youth leader Akshay Gorantyal. On Sunday, he spoke as the chief guest at the mass wedding ceremony organized at Ayesha Lawns, Old Jalna. The program was presided over by Mufti Anees (Nazim, Madrasa Abu Huraira, Warudi Badnapur).

At this time youth leader Akshay Gorantyal, Vinayak Maharaj Phulambrikar, Iqbal Pasha, Congress Minority District President Badar Chaos, Kadim Jalna Police Inspector Syed Mazhar, Ayub Khan, Ameer Pasha, Abhay Yadav, Sheikh Yusuf, Parmeshwar Garbade, Sheikh Riaz, Shakir Khan, Sainath Chinnadore, Naseem Chaudhary, Abdul Karim Builder, Firoz Bagwan, Haji Shaukat, Sheikh Moin, Dr. Syed Akhtar, etc. were prominently present.

Mufti Anis appreciated this initiative started by Rahat. The process of Nikah was completed by Qazi Syed Waheed, Qazi Syed Nuruddin, Qazi Syed Ayaz, and Qazi Syed Bilal.

* wrestlers were honored

It is noteworthy that along with the marriage ceremony, those who have done remarkable work in various fields are also honored by the group. This time those who did remarkable work in the wrestling game were honored. Jalna Kesari Gopal pahelwan, Abdul Ghaffar pahelwan, Shahu pahelwan, Kamal Khan pahelwanr, Nandu pahelwan Khardekar, Vilas pahelwan Doifode, Shivaji pahelwan, Shelke Mama, Ganesh Suparkar, Syed Hayat Ali pahelwan, Syed Afsar Ali pahelwan, Syed Anwar Alipahelwanr, Rambhau Satkar, etc. were awarded.

Hafiz Syed Asrar started the program with a recitation of the Quran. While introducing the program, the organization’s secretary Liaquat Ali Khan said that in the last 22 years so far 550 people have been solemnized on behalf of the group. At this time Iqbal Pasha also expressed his views.

The entire group was especially welcomed by Parmeshwar Garbade, Iqbal Pasha, and Amer Pasha for making various events successful through Rahat.

To make the program successful, the President of Rahat Social Group Sheikh Afsar Sheikhji, Secretary Liaquat Ali Khan Yaser, Salim Yasin Khan Pathan, Sheikh Salim Sheikh Mohammad, Syed Akhtar, Sheikh Salim Sheikh Shakoor, Sher Jamakhan, Syed Jagirdar, Sheikh Ejaz, Sheikh Faheem, Ahmed Jagirdar, Naeem Pahalwan, Dr. Salim Nawaz Hashar Jafrabadi, Sheikh Qamar, Sheikh Usam, Anas Chows, Amjad Pathan, Khizar Farooq, Shahbaz Pathan, Ammar Yasser, Aziz Pathan, Naeem Khan Naeem, Dr. Abdul Muqtadir Ateeq, Aziz Chows Worked hard

Co-ordinated by Liaquat Ali Khan and Dr. Salim Nawaz Hashar Jafrabadi. Gratitude was accepted by Dr. Abdul Muqtadir Ateeq. The program concluded with the prayer of Qazi Nooruddin.