Bullying one society and caressing another is not the name of development – MLA Gorantyal

* Agitation under the leadership of Seva Dal Congress concluded in Jalna for the demand of continuation of minority scholarship as before

* Support of dozens of educational organizations, political parties and social organizations

Jalna: In order to bring the country of Ganga-Jamuni civilization India on the path of development, the Congress had given all the opportunities for development to all the societies together, but the BJP government at the centre, which has come to power by giving the slogan of development of all, has also given a society The whole country is now fed up with the game that Dutkar has started of caressing others. If the central government does not continue the minority pre-matric scholarship as before, then Congress will protest on the streets.

This warning was given by MLA Kailash Gorantyal. Jalna District Congress Seva Dal protested against the injustice done to the minority community by the central government by stopping the pre-matriculation scholarship from class 1st to 8th at the District Magistrate’s office. While leading this movement, MLA Kailash Gorantyal warned. At this time a memorandum was sent to Prime Minister Narendra Modi through Jalna District Magistrate.

In this memorandum, it was said that people of Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Jain and Sikh communities have a minority status in India. The Congress government had started the pre-matric scholarship for the students of minority communities. By adopting the wrong policy, the BJP has done the work of depriving the students of class 1st to 8th of their rights by making changes. In fact, it is BJP’s policy to keep the minority community away from education. It was said that through the amount received from the scholarship, poor students buy notebooks, uniforms and other educational materials necessary for studies. The government demanded to cancel the decision immediately and continue the scholarship scheme as before.

* Preparation for a big movement if the demand is not met – Abdul Rafiq

Seva Dal District Working President Abdul Rafiq said that today there has been a protest movement. Even now, if the demand is not accepted, the Seva Dal Congress will agitate on the streets taking along all the minority educational institutions, minority students and their parents of Jalna district. The movement will continue until the decision is taken back.

Photo: MLA Kailash Gorantyal guiding the picketing movement, at present Seva Dal working president Abdul Rafiq, Rahim Tamboli and others.

* At this time the memorandum was handed over under the leadership of MLA Kailash Gorantyal. This movement is supported by the District Minority Congress Committee, Zhep Educational Society, Mohammadi Education Society, Aman Education Society, Nafees Education Society, Mohammad Ali Jauhar Educational Society, Godavari Educational Society, Student Congress, Domestic Workers Association, Unorganized Workers Association and Mahila Congress Organization. found.

In this dharna movement, District Working President of Congress Seva Dal Abdul Rafiq, Rajendra Rakh, Kishan Jethe, Syed Munshi, Rahim Tamboli, Sheikh Shamsuddin, Sheikh Riyaz, Sheikh Abdul Hameed, Javed Khan, Sangeeta Kamble, Sangeeta Dongre, Sarika Varankar, Sheikh Rizwan, Javed Baig, Mohammad Sahab, Salim Khan, Based Patel, Ahmad Noor, Amjad Khan, Ansari Kashif, Mohammad Danish, Abdul Wahid, Sheikh Iqbal, Sheikh Aslam, Ram Kurhade, Bhagwat Ghate, Syed Mushtaq, Afsar Chowdhary, Naseer Khan, Sheikh Wasim etc. Along with Dr Sanjay Lakhe Patil, Iqbal Pasha, Rajendra Rakh, Sheikh Mehmood, Badar Chaus, Shah Alam Khan, Mohd Iftikharuddin, Sheikh Waheed, Ahmed Noor, Mirza Anwar, Tyyab Bapu Deshmukh, Vaibhav Ugale, Ed Ram Kuhade, Ashok Sable, Javed Baig, Fakira Wagh, Narayan Wadhekar, Sharad Deshmukh, Afsar Chowdhary, Syed Mushtaq, Ed Sheikh Muzzamil, Imran Siddiqui, Based Qureshi, Bablu Qureshi, Santosh Madan, Sheikh Wasim, Datta Ghule, Prof. Sheikh Saber, Nitin Kanade, Ejaz Kasim, A large number of minority community citizens were present including Mo Ilyas, Sheikh Muktar, Anas Chaus etc.